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Easy Storage is the leading self-storage service provider in China and we promise professional service to all our customers.

With Easy Storage, there is not need to worry about your belongings. We pride ourselves with:

• A comprehensive security system composed of 24 hour digital CCTV, ADT intrusion protection and anti-theft alarm

• And a complete in-built climate control system that maintains a constant temperature and humidity

Your convenience is also our top priority so we offer flexible storage solutions for both home and business needs. You can store by the month, year or longer as you require, and access the space the day you sign up. We also offer a large range of storage sizes for you to choose from, anything from 1m² to 30m² , so that you will only pay for the spaces you need. Lastly, all our stores are open 7-days a week from 10am to 7pm (Jinqiao Store:9am to 6pm), Except national holidays.